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TRUETUNE TOUCH is the latest innovation in hand held tuning devices all the same benefits of our original Truetune but better! 
You can now read and clear fault codes on your vehicle before and after tuning and at any time! So not only can you  tune your car you can now look after it too with the new TRUETUNE TOUCH!!
You can use the TOUCH screen for clearer and more precise execution during the reading and writing process!!
  • Truetune Touch is a personal OBD remapping and tuning tool specially developed by Max tune. It enables you to have our tuning software on your car whenever and wherever you want it!

  • Truetune Touch enables you to put your car back to stock at anytime, before you go to a dealer, sell your car or give it back to the lease company.

  • Truetune Touch is the only tool you need for your driving life and all your future cars, fully configurable remotely for any make and model to be read through the OBD port.

  • Truetune Touch can store up to to 10 different maps for your car. For example: Stage 1, Stage 1 Pops and Bangs, Stage 2, Stage 2 Start Stop Disabled, Stage 2 + with hybrid turbo etc.

  • Truetune Touch purchases include the cost of a stage 1 remap on your vehicle & the ability to add additional add on's to your Truetune Touch as you go. 

  • Truetune Touch gives you the ability to have fully custom software on your car from Max tune, which makes this tool truly unique.

 Truetune Touch is ready to be used when you want to.

Truetune Touch is the culmination of years of tuning and software development by MAX TUNE for the modern engine control system. In simple terms, Truetune Touch will enable you to apply a MAX TUNE remap to your car at home, work, or anywhere in the world, using our custom developed software for your car. You do not need experience or knowledge of how to tune a car. Truetune and MAX TUNE do all the hard work for you. It is the perfect companion for car lovers that find it difficult to visit us due to distance and time constraints in the busy modern world we live in. It combines cutting edge technology with the simplicity of a modern smart phone! Intuitive, versatile and user friendly.

We are an active and respected tuning company in the UK with a UK telephone number. We are are available to hold your hand through the process and offer advice on all aspects of tuning your car with Truetune. We can even remotely control your computer to help with making the Truetune setup as easy as possible (by appointment). Truetune is so advanced it can even read and write the software of brand new ECU’s on the market, that many other companies simply cannot even tune, let alone read and write the software safely, unlike MAX TUNE and Truetune! Truetune is at the pinnacle of personal remapping tools, and will continue to develop as new ECUs and protocols come onto the market. 

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It is Powered by unrivalled and unmatched tuning software provided by MAX TUNE you can be confident your cars software is in the best hands possible.

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Our software is proven to be the maximium performance with the best reliability

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