We tune the software, you drive the car

Who are we??

We are an ECU remapping, tuning and DPF specialist We offer a wide variety of services from simple stage 1 software to hardcore performance tuning. All through our global dealer network.

We have been Tuning vehicles for over a decade and have tuned well over 25,000 cars.

We operate world wide through our huge global network of dealers across all continents. As well as our thousands of Truetune customers!

We passionately believe reliability and drivability is just as important as how much power and torque can be achieved. We have built a solid and well known reputation for providing some of the best remaps and software in the tuning industry. Using the most advanced and sophisticated tuning equipment available, combined with many years of experience within the tuning and racing world, we can tune almost any car or commercial vehicle on the road today. Being at the forefront of technological developments in the tuning industry, we can even tune the very latest vehicle models.

We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled tuning software coupled with excellent customer care. Whether you are looking for more mpg from your commercial vehicle, or as much power as possible from your track car, we will have a tuning solution for you.


Software Tuned properly

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Software road tested

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Our development cars

We have a varied range of development cars so as to be at the fore front of technology available and to offer the best service possible.

AUDI S4 : We have been the first to develop software for this particular range of engines with various software solutions others simply did and do not have!

BMW M6 : We have used this car to develop some extreme tuning software and hardware mods pushing this 4.4 V8 BiTurbo to well over 1000BHP!

BMW i8 : This is a true Hybrid supercar with 4wd, the front wheels are powered by a full electric motor and battery pack and the rear is powered by a turbo charged petrol engine, to be at the front of technologly as it develops in the industry we use this car to get the best tuning from Hybrid systems.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Project 45 : This is a full EV and we are using this to be able to tune all EV's understanding the systems they use and how they work is key to producing consistantly reliable software from the offset!