Tuning Box Comparison

Why truetune outperforms Tuning Boxes in every way!!!


Plug and Play

truetune uses only the OBD port so unlike ALL tuning boxes you do not even have to lift up the bonnet to use truetune. NO dirty hands scrabbling around the engine bay to plug things onto sensors, no chance of breaking a sensor plug or getting wet and cold during the installation!!! With truetune its all done from inside the car warm, clean and dry!



truetune is able to return your vehicle to stock format at any time and anywhere in the world, truetune holds your stock and modified software all the time, to put the car back to stock you do not have to open the bonnet, remove any cable ties or unplug any sensors like traditional tuning boxes. truetune returns the car back to stock all through OBD port so you don’t even need to get out of the car. The critical CVN number is corrected so it can never be traced by and dealer or manufacture. Traditional tuning boxes always run the risk of not being able to uninstall it as easy as you think depending on where the sensors are located so it could take you up to an hour and needing tools for the job. truetune needs nothing apart from a couple of minutes and your OBD port to become completely untraceable from anyone!


Release all the power

truetune is actually applying a fully custom remap to your car and not falsifying sensor signals, this means we can move torque limiters, adjust fuel duration and timing, boost limiters and over 30+ other map data area’s. This means we are able to exploit the full potential of the engine while keeping everything with the manufacture tolerances, enabling us to give you the actual power gains that we quote, unlike tuning box company’s that quote figures with no actual proof of what the car is producing. We have here at our tuning facility our 4WD state of the art Dyno which you are more than welcome to run your car on after using truetune.



truetune is fully transferable from your current car to your new car without the need for any extra cables or opening the bonnet, as long as you put the car back to stock using your truetune we can remotely change the software to read and write to your new car and all you need is the OBD port! Unlike traditional tuning boxes truetune does not need to be sent off back to us for re-calibration we can do everything remotely, you do not need any new wiring loom extensions like traditional tuning boxes, truetune uses the OBD port that after 2001 is exactly the same in every single car sold in Europe and the world! truetune is for life and not just a 1 time use.


How ALL tuning boxes work